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Hydraulic Cylinder Automatic Welding Machine

With MAG welding process. Description

Complete surfacing circular seam of hydraulic cylinder automatically. With MAG welding process.
Machine Feature


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1. Welding torch is fixed while workpiece is rotating, welding position is horizontal.
2. Hydraulic cylinder is clamped and rotary by fixture and supported by universal ball bracket.
3. The welding machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable
arc igniting. Machine also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.
4. Welding machine adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability.
5. Welding torch can moves longitudinally to complete the whole welding.
6. PLC controls the whole machine operation. Workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by inverter, stepless
adjustment, to improve the reliability.
7. The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved and recalled. Via touch man-machine
interface, it is convenient to modify the parameter and switch the status through the man-machine touch
8. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right and angled turn to meet welding requirement.

Applicable cylinder diameter 30mm-500mm
Applicable cylinder length max6000mm
Rotation speed 0.2-5rpm
Welding power source 400A 500A
Applicable material Carbon steel