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Desktop CNC Cutting Machines


The machine direction using the bilateral synchronous drive, the linear guide rail, the beams with structural design lightweight, rigid, lightweight, small inertia, such that the run more smoothly


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High-speed CNC

Equipped with a sink-type dust cutting table. In order to meet environmental requirements, the design may also be based on user requirements smoke dedusting cutting table. This is particularly suitable for high-speed cutting of non-ferrous metal thin sheet steel and stainless steel, aluminum, etc., also apply to the cutting plate.

TMG series is precision CNC plasma cutting machine or laser class. Using an integrated modular structure, making installation quick and easy. Smoking can decrease with the table, in order to meet environmental requirements. The machine is particularly suitable for medium thick, thin non-ferrous metal sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel plate of high-speed cutting.