Product details


Magnetic pipe cutter Description

It is convenient to operate the “CG2-11”. It can cut pipes, the diameters of which are above 100mm. It is used in many fields such as ship, mechanism, electric, petroleum industry and so on.This machine is a advanced pipe gas cutter. It has impacted structure, light weight and can cut continuously.


More details

The cutting of a wide range of pipe diameters larger than the diameter of the pipe of 108 mm can be processed. Particularly suitable for petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, machinery, construction and installation of industrial enterprises seamless steel pipe cutting and beveling. This is a more advanced machine cutting pipe cutting machine, cause the machine compact design, lightweight, and can work continuously.



Host Dimension

305X310X180 mm


220V  50Hz

Cutting speed

50-750 mm/min

Cutting thickness


Bevel angle

0°- 45°

Pipe cutting range

¢> 108mm (seamless can)

Cutting accuracy

Machine crawling on the tube one week, one meter in circumference umbra deviation less than 0.5mm,

Cutting and bevel surface finish can be achieved

The magnetic attraction force of the wheel

More than 50 kg

Impulsive amount of traffic

When the machine is less than 0.5mm downhill on the pipe crawling


70SZ08 use of DC servo motor, speed 6000n / min, 68W