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Gas Cutting and Welding Tools


Flow Meters, Lighters, Cutting and Welding Torches Cutting Nozzles, Regulators, Flashback Arrestors, Hose connections you will find at Dar Elhamd in all branches.


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How to connect valves 


Check the cylinder valves are clean and the threads are in good condition

Snift the valve to remove debris from the valve seat (Never Snift Hydrogen cylinders).

Connect the pressure regulator to the cylinder, ensure the regulator is the correct type for the gas and cylinder pressure. 

Ensure the regulator knob is fully unscrewed.

Connect the flashback arrester to the outlet of the regulator

For hoses greater than 6.3mm bore or longer than 3m the following is recommended: Non-return valves fitted to the blowpipe ends of the hose and a flashback arrester connected to the regulator outlet that has the following functions: - Flame arrester, Temperature activated cut-off, Pressure activated to cut off.

Connect the gas hoses to the flashback arrester outlet, ensure the non-return valve is fitted to the blowpipe end of the hose, connect the blowpipe to the hose connections and fit the correct nozzle and mixer (welding/heating) and ensure all control valves are closed.