04 Apr 2019

The 4 Pillars to Use Laser Cut

Plasma cutting is cheaper 


Although service in plasma and laser cut produce precision parts and components almost the same, but there are some difference between them, If you'll cut stainless steel or sheet metal fabricated, Review and knowing the differences will help you select the right choice for your work 


How CNC Machines work


CNC cutting that handled design based on what the customer needs using a software program like CorelDRAW or AutoCAD. Once the designer feels satisfied with the drawing, he or she places a piece of metal or some other material on the cutting surface the path is determined by the computer numerical control, but the cutting is done manually only.

The computer sends a signal to the CNC machine, which interprets the design. With a prototype that meets design's requirements, the operator can process multiple cutting process the tool moves back and forward as well as side-to-side along the axes while following the shape of the design.

Now watch this vedio to learn more about CNC machine's programming 


Advantages of laser cutting


1- laser cutting relies on a high-energy light beam that burns through the metal material that works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics Instead of a cutting tool as in plasma cutting, a laser relies on heat in distance with no contact of the tool with the object to create the desired shape of the product.



2- The primary reason for cutting parts and components fabricated with a laser metal cutting machines is the perfect precision level, On the other hand with CNC plasma machine you're limited by width for ex. the smallest radius is only slightly under 1mm. In comparison with a fabricator can set a laser bean to be 0.1mm. That makes it possible to achieve very detailed cuts with tremendous precision.


3- Laser cutting involves burning, edges are always clean and sealed. Not only does this improve the functionality of the finished product, but it also enhances appearance of it.


4- CNC plasma cutting machines cannot be used for welding, But the laser cutter can be used for both cutting and welding also for metal, plastics, acrylic, stones, wood and other materials.



Laser Machines in Egypt 


In 2019 Dar Elhamd provides laser machines to Egyptian market to help Egyptian industries to grow and be developed by Egyptian hands we take the authorization for Leiming Laser from china and ensure the best qualtiy with the most reasonable prices in Egypt market


Leiming Laser is a huge factory that produce more than 8 series 20 kinds of fiber laser cutters since 2004 which can meet different needs of customers in a lot of industrials, you will find Leiming machines in Egypt only through Dar Elhamd branches that in Cairo, Alexandria, 10th f Ramadan city and 6th of October city.



Dar Elhamd Team Available 24/7h


Don't hesitate and call us now to know your inquiry from laser machines and welding machines to decide which  product will match your needs, wherever your factory is with a full training for using Leiming Laser machine that you will establish.