21 Jan 2019

Dar Elhamd in Metal & Steel Exhibition

Connecting Decision Makers 

Dar Elhamd proud to announce that we are participating in Metal & Steel Exhibition it March 2019 as it's an essential opportunity to connect with high-level decision makers in-depth discussion, debate and insight into strategies & solutions available to the steel market in Egypt, particularly how the domestic steel industry is changing, what the new trends are, challenges and latest innovations.


Smart Manufacturing and High-end Equipment 

Dar Elhamd provides high-quality equipment that is necessary for production, we aim to help you with a range of high-end equipment, welding machines and all its consumables, flame cutting and plasma cutting to ensure fine cut edges for stainless steel and iron, you can use CNC flame cutting machines and CNC laser machine also in Dar Elhamd< also all cutting tools you will need for your work.


Safety to Maintain Your Production

Safety tools from head to toe it's not an extra thing as it ensures the safest welding process, so Dar Elhamd provides a range of safety tools for you with the best quality to maintain your worker's lives and the best price you can afford.

We are waiting for you in B2 Hall 1 to discuss the updates in all machines and tools  that will facilitate your production and help you with challenges you facing in your work