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04 Apr 2019

The 4 Pillars to Use Laser Cut

Plasma cutting is cheaper    Although service in plasma and laser cut produce precision parts and components almost the same, but there are some difference between them, If you'll cut stainless steel or sheet metal fabricated, Review and knowing the differe...

21 Jan 2019

Dar Elhamd in Metal & Steel Exhibition

Connecting Decision Makers  Dar Elhamd proud to announce that we are participating in Metal & Steel Exhibition it March 2019 as it's an essential opportunity to connect with high-level decision makers in-depth discussion, debate and insight into...

04 Dec 2018

Dar Elhamd Branches Everywhere In Egypt

The closest to your business   Dar Elhamd aims to help everyone in the industrial field with professional sales team ready to help you in all challenges you face in your workflow  By making sure to exist in every industrial area in Egypt with a qua...

30 Apr 2018

MACTECH International Exhibition

Machtech is more than a trade fair.   It is an exclusive platform where regional manufacturers meet worldwide metal forming, machine tools, industrial tools, welding and cutting equipment leading innovators to source machinery supplies, get in touch with industry pl...