Riland Welding Machines

Riland、Rilon、HiTronic、Good are the major brands of Riland Industry Co., Ltd. their main products can be classified into 3 groups: Inverter welding and cutting equipment, welding automated devices, welding accessories, and labor protection appliances. Riland products can be widely used in military, aerospace, construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, steel structures, marine engineering, vehicle manufacturing, electricity, pipeline, chemical construction, boilers, bridge building and normal manufacture normal industries, etc.


Mig Machines

Choose these great welders for project or reparation in your garage, using MIG or self-shield and flux-cored wire welding

TIG Welding Machines

Excellent multiprocess single phase, with MMA (Stick) welding process and TIG DC HF Arc welding process. The flexibility of use with a wide range of electrodes: basic, rutile, cast iron end stainless steel.

MMA Machines

Dependable,Economical,Excellent,Basic Industrial Stick Welding Machine